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Latest announcements, new events and networking opportunities, newsletters and blog posts. Also includes an occasional nugget of wisdom from founder Sofia Seitchik.
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Announcements and News

5 Tips For Landing Your Dream Client

Has this happened to you time and time again? You set up a meeting, hold it, and it doesn’t...

It Was Scary To Network, But I Did It!

When I first started up as a Deaf entrepreneur, I was not afraid of networking, but did not...

6 Essential Steps To Achieving Work-Life Balance

People often think that entrepreneurs have the best work-life balance because they own their...

Success Stories

These Amazing Women Interviews focuses on small business owners who have been shining examples of fearlessly overcoming obstacles to reach their goals in the business world. This compilation of stories strives to demonstrate that deaf people can be beacons of success and serve as role models.
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